Only S&P 500 here

Why do I make forecasts only for S&P 500?  As I have extensively explained, in the database I have hundreds of price line that represent the global markets environment, so what does inhibit to apply the methodology to each of them and be able to forecast almost everything? Well, I did (and do) try to …

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Responsive and adaptive

Forecast charts from May 05, 2016 The forecast charts are the output of the Amodel. All the work, all the code, all the information that is produced here it is put in there, in the chart. The model is designed to be adaptive and responsive, so that it adapts to (chaotic) ever changing markets. Under specific …

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Know in advance

What does “know in advance” means, here at spxbot? I want to make you an example, so that you can evaluate – I know it’s difficult to believe that something impossible (as forecasting the market) can be done On 15th of July I published the usual daily forecast and what it was saying was: two weeks …

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The Realm of Imprecision

Shown in the chart: 1 daily bar forecast comparison with actual close. I get confirm that there is a widespread one day lagging in computations. Need to work on it. Except bars projection, all other indicators read the realtime status, now. They do not project future values, they just get a reading of the edge. But …

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Faster, Faster

This is a cut out of the monthly chart produced by the Amodel. It is one of the most precious tools of the group and in this peculiar case it shows a common behavior of the forecast process (as well as the expected growth of the current and the next months): reality goes always a bit faster …

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Brute Force

[W]hen I write here, I usually have in mind an investor, as a reader. Averagely, a professional with a certain wealth, that uses markets to park money with an interesting rate of return. There are a lot of available techniques that let you shape an investment idea and then you have to trigger decisions and operate. …

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Apocalypse Now!

The market has undoubtly taken the upside, and a strong and vigorous sprout is blooming. It will take time, but it will flower. When I say the market here I refer to the S&P 500 index and the index is booming. It’s like looking at a rocket launch: few seconds after the start it is …

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Enhancement to indicators

All indicators have been enhanced to a new adaptive behaviour, so that the indicators, when calculated, are never aware of any bars of the current move. This was already partly true, but now this has been stated peremptorily. The charts are much more interesting now, because Targets and Stops, for example, tend to form clouds …

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Enhancement to Signal

Please note, this is just a part of a larger chart and it shows three indicators calculated by the A model. As the set has been trained, results are perfect. Last 8 bars are excluded from training and are guesses of the model bots. The image was produced few minutes ago. We have the Target, …

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Evaluating position

Just a few words about the evaluation of the signals from the Amodel and their execution: I always consider the execution of the position opening or close at the opening price of the following day, so that any position can be easily managed, even unattended. My own attitude is that of an investor, not a …

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Weekly checkout

Today the S&P 500 index closed the week at 2057.14 and it was forecasted six days ago (last Saturday) at 2058.903.

Big Bear Chase still open

The area 2060/70 is a strong resistance that will produce some turbulence, but probabilities are still on the side of a rising index, supported by all the barking bears around, by all the uncertainty and by the  weakness of the euro. A short phase of consolidation is not rare at this stage of the rise, …

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The Big Bear Chase

If any of my readers is keen in battlefield strategy (I’m not as much), she/he will recognize the beauty of the struggle we are looking at in the arena of the market. The hunters are the bulls. They will lay their net.  A long flat laying and the following action will be very fast, rapidity and suddenly. …

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The Amodel features

As this is an experimental service, that since the launch has been improved, I recently focused that the missing Stop indicator has to be developed seriously. While developing the Stop indicator, I modified the training model quite a bit, and as a result I found a Trading System already embedded in the model. More development. …

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Under development

The new trainer has taken shape: it should provide a better preprocessing of the model and has just been tested.

About targets

A short explanation about targets (cyan dots) in forecast charts

Traditional analysis is out of touch

 [I]’ve found and corrected a couple of minor bugs in the Signal and in the target models (minor logical errors that under some circumstances did crash the whole code!) and this has made me think that the Signal model acts similarly to the bifurcation model under fractal theory. The market is a chaotic self-adapting structure, it …

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In memoriam of Jim Slater

[I]’ve just discovered that on 18th of November, Jim Slater has died, at 86. Here I want to remember him, whose book “The Zulu Principle” back in 1992 opened my eyes on how to approach share investing. If you are interested in investing in stock shares and are new to the field, this book is …

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