The Fasttrack Board goes free

The Fastrack Board collects the daily calculations of the levels for the next trading day, to help the traders discriminate between negative/neutral/positive market action.

Recent updates

Under the usual code revision, I sorted ut with a small modification of the training set that seems to have a large impact on the stability of the neural networks in the model.

Weapons for resolute traders

If you occasionally read this blog, you may have noted that I often say that r.Virgeel is not a trading system. I want to warn the newcomers that they will not find any automatic fount of wealth here. Any serious trader has matured its activity in a deeply constructed attitude: call it a plan, or …

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Waves and Cycles

When you get the patterns into the wave observation, you will see the cycles. Cycles that expand and contract, that generates trends, cycles of any dimension. Cycles that change continuously.

rv.Signal and rv.Position

I often receive questions about rv.Signal and rv.Position indicators and supposing they generate a bit of confusion, I hope the following may help. In origin, it was Signal. It was the first attempt to generate inversion warnings. Its model was hand trained. Then, with various steps, it has developed into the first version of the …

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Update to D-FT historical

Following a subscriber’s hint, I have re-brewed the D-FT historical values, with all the four values that are daily provided and for a longer time span, 60 bars instead of 30. Also, there is the date for every record, to make it easier for you to check out past values (please, remember the D-FT is …

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How r.Virgeel is trained

Following the requests coming from some users that were initially confused about how to interpret the signals coming out from r.Virgeel, I think that nothing is better than to explain how the indicators are produced. I have never done it before so extensively. The process is very different from the calculations for a technical indicator …

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The new FastTrack indicator

UPDATE 2018/12/14 Today I’ve closed the free alpha testing of the FastTrack. It is fantastic! All the spxbot readers have seen in real time it’s performance. Operations were simulated on a CFD platform. I have stopped the last (virtual) operation today in the morning (CET), with the SPX at 2623. Prices subject to a bit …

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Going Forward

For many months, I’ve tried to put together the pieces to have a long term database, monthly based and with a huge history. I was moved by the progress of the monthly forecast, that I see sharper than before. No way. Data is largely unavailable. Very few series of mayor commodities and indices are out …

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Daily forecast accuracy sample

I wish to stick to showing you samples of the r.Virgeel activity, in (almost) real time. There is no other way to test r.Virgeel than real time. Also, to avoid the “well chosen sample” effect. Here, on the left, the forecasted bars evaluated on May 17th, on the right the chart of the actual bars …

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The Indicators

This post explains the main website feature: the indicators that form r.Virgeel vision of the market. The indicators are: Bars ahead – neurally calculated – H/L/C is forecasted for the next 24 bars Target– neurally calculated – where the current move is heading Stop – neurally calculated- a value that confirm the trend and generates …

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A brand new Signal indicator

Signal was the very first indicator that I developed for the A.I. model: it used to fire a +/- 1 value at market extremes, marking top and bottoms. I never did touch it again, but in the meantime the model has evolved quite a lot. The first consequence of the ongoing research on cyclicality has …

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Enhancement to indicators

All indicators have been enhanced to a new adaptive behaviour, so that the indicators, when calculated, are never aware of any bars of the current move. This was already partly true, but now this has been stated peremptorily. The charts are much more interesting now, because Targets and Stops, for example, tend to form clouds …

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Enhancement to Signal

Please note, this is just a part of a larger chart and it shows three indicators calculated by the A model. As the set has been trained, results are perfect. Last 8 bars are excluded from training and are guesses of the model bots. The image was produced few minutes ago. We have the Target, …

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About targets

A short explanation about targets (cyan dots) in forecast charts