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I have received from a reader:

Am planning to take monthly subscription. Before subscribe please let me know below queries.

Which platform needed to do trading ?
What exactly I get forecasting daily?
Any additional analysis i need to know? Before take trade? Will i get entry and exit positions?
Will I get text messages  to mobile?
How much capital needed?


Here my reply:

Which platform needed to do trading ?
Whichever you want. Trading activity is totally up to you.
What exactly I get forecasting daily?
The daily forecast is based on the daily timeframe and I enclose a few samples from of the Alpha Chart for your evaluation. It is composed of many indicators that outline the expected behaviour of the market in the immediate future.
Any additional analysis I need to know? Before take trade?
Investing and trading is a high-risk activity: consider that statistics about the new traders entering the market says that they are destinated to go out of money in about 18 months at a rate of 80/85%. Every trader has its own attitude and this is first what I suggest to you: find the market and the time frame and capital that gives you confidence. Some technical analysis may help, but the simpler the better. I love Elliott’s Wave theory and I’m sure every trader has its own preferred tools.
Will I get entry and exit positions?
r.Virgeel (the brain of the a.i.) was not designed to be a trading system, but it gives signals and a global evaluation of the best-suggested position relative to the market. It produces a chart and a word report to support your vision of the market.
Will I get text messages to mobile?
How much capital needed?
It’s a hard question to reply: it depends on your expectations, but basically on how much money you are ready to lose, before getting into a panic. Loosing is an active component of the trading activity. You need to learn (if you do not already know) how to reduce losses and you need to learn (if you do not already know) to trust your tools to maximize your profits.
If you are starting right now, I would suggest you try with a very small account, not much more than your pocket money. In this way, you have a sort of hard stop loss if things go wrong. Consider that every trader has learned the lesson going broke at least once, me as well.
Hope it helps.
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Euro investors may get double profit

It is a bit that the model predicts on one hand the American index rise, on the other hand the descent of the dollar exchange rate with the euro.  For an European investor it is a magic moment, because he/she may  invest with a sort of safety net and gaining from two fronts with just one investment.

The principal instrument for an European investor are ETFs on the indexes, not hedged against the EurUsd exchange risk. Apparently, and also in certain moments, you are getting a double risk: one on the stock exchange index and one on the currency exchange. But the global long term effect is that you cumulate a rise in the stock index with a reduction of the EurUsd rate.

Of course, here I do not suggest any direct investment: contact your consultant and ask for a professional advice.

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