There is A.I. and A.I.

I used a public domain website to generate the content for a post starting from the title “Using Artificial Intelligence in Your Trading Strategy to Maximize Returns”

The Fasttrack Board goes free

The Fastrack Board collects the daily calculations of the levels for the next trading day, to help the traders discriminate between negative/neutral/positive market action.

Recent updates

Under the usual code revision, I sorted ut with a small modification of the training set that seems to have a large impact on the stability of the neural networks in the model.

Latest upgrade

r.Virgeel’s model is quite stable, since a couple of years. It took a lot of time to set it up and verify it, avoiding ex-post testing that induces a lot of uncertainty. I’m talking about the core code that builds up the model to be fed to the neural networks for getting back the reading …

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The making of reality

How do we percieve reality? Is reality what we see or is it a product of our mind?

April 2021 monthly update

Like every first of the month, the monthly forecast has been brewed by r.Virgeel. The monthly forecast looks into the future for 24 bars.

The New Blog has a new blog: new address, new graphic layout and new content: a better selection of the old posts that will be updated whenever necessary. Navigation should be easier than before, readability has been improved and I hope you will like it. The whole spxbot website is under refurbishment, with the aim to …

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Video by Martin Armstrong

I have to thank this man, again. For two reasons, mainly: first, because his writings were the eye openers to understand the markets and how they work, even after many years of investing activity. Second, because without the “it’s all interconnected” message, I would have not tried to experiment with the artificial intelligence model that …

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Weapons for resolute traders

If you occasionally read this blog, you may have noted that I often say that r.Virgeel is not a trading system. I want to warn the newcomers that they will not find any automatic fount of wealth here. Any serious trader has matured its activity in a deeply constructed attitude: call it a plan, or …

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If you think that the trader’s activity is similar to a game, I would like to first say it’s not. For many reasons. What makes to someone the trading activity similar to a game is a misconception of the bet. The novice tends to see a buy of a stock share as a bet, and, …

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Long Term Checkout

In various previous posts, I’ve stated that the monthly forecast is to take into account as a sort of path tracer, an indication, a generic route for future market action. I tend to consider it in this way, having a much more precise weekly and daily forecasts. Today, I decided to get back to the …

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Stair Seats

Most of us have a general knowledge of what statistic does: it extracts from data some relevant information about the data itself. What a neural network does is to add a layer of correlation between the data and relate it to the desired output. You must instruct a neural network, before using it. You must …

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r.Virgeel’s trading model

  The r.Virgeel’s model is stable since enough to let me say it is now entering its early maturity. I’m working in the refinement field to gain speed, affordability, stability. Less, and this is my fault, I work in the field of communicating how to read and use the model’s output. This is obviously useful …

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As you asked

I have received from a reader: Am planning to take monthly subscription. Before subscribe please let me know below queries. Which platform needed to do trading ? What exactly I get forecasting daily? Any additional analysis i need to know? Before take trade? Will i get entry and exit positions? Will I get text messages …

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Waves and Cycles

When you get the patterns into the wave observation, you will see the cycles. Cycles that expand and contract, that generates trends, cycles of any dimension. Cycles that change continuously.


Today I would like to talk about waves. The markets express themselves through waves. But first, let’s look at waves. When on the shore, look at waves. look at them for a long time and pattern will arise behind your eyes. When I first attempted to put a neural network at work, the real first …

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Note to new subscribers

Since months, and it’s well documented in the free blog, the daily forecast is NOT SENT BY EMAIL, but accessible via the Alpha Chart page on this website. In this way, the forecast is much more efficient and flexible to be updated if necessary (sometimes it is). Weekly and monthly forecast and analysis are sent …

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Latest improvements

Latest months have been plenty of improvements in the structure and behavior of r.Virgeel. It now outputs a standardized 3d matrix of the indicators, that is easy to chart and interpret. A new interpretation and writing module is now active and r.Virgeel is able to write comments on its own. Two new indicators have been …

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rv.Signal and rv.Position

I often receive questions about rv.Signal and rv.Position indicators and supposing they generate a bit of confusion, I hope the following may help. In origin, it was Signal. It was the first attempt to generate inversion warnings. Its model was hand trained. Then, with various steps, it has developed into the first version of the …

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Week 19 checkout

Here you may see an enlargement of the chart that the subscribers have receive one week ago, last Friday night (CET), with overimposed the real weekly action: r.Virgeel, in its weekly version, has nicely caught this week range and direction, shown in the rightmost bar, confirming the turn signal generated by the daily forecast. In …

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Update to D-FT historical

Following a subscriber’s hint, I have re-brewed the D-FT historical values, with all the four values that are daily provided and for a longer time span, 60 bars instead of 30. Also, there is the date for every record, to make it easier for you to check out past values (please, remember the D-FT is …

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The turning point

Eight days ago, on the 30th of April, r.Virgeel has fired the first “Close Long Positions”. As usual, since it trained this way, we needed a second signal to confirm, that arrived the following day, on the 1st of May. So, in the next one/two bars, depending on your trading style, the spxbot users have …

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