The Fasttrack Board goes free

The Fastrack Board collects the daily calculations of the levels for the next trading day, to help the traders discriminate between negative/neutral/positive market action.

April 2021 monthly update

Like every first of the month, the monthly forecast has been brewed by r.Virgeel. The monthly forecast looks into the future for 24 bars.

Big changes at the horizon

Bears are excited! Finally the market has moved and moved downward, as it often happens after a long choppy flag. We have to consider the movement to come as a run-up (down!) that comes before the market going to new highs. It may be scary and even some panic may rise, but it will take …

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Some turbulence ahead

In few days the sentiment has collapsed: now 2 out of three are bearish and this is really a nice bullish news. We are going out of the long choppy flag and rising volatility will be the main trait of coming times. Up and down for a while, with a upward bias and a lot …

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A glance into deep future

My monthly forecast goes ahead 24 months (2 full years) from the present, and shows what path is the market price following. Some of my readers ask to have an indication, an insight, a suggestion and today I want to share some of the valuable information produced from the monthly model. First, there is no …

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Apocalypse Now!

The market has undoubtly taken the upside, and a strong and vigorous sprout is blooming. It will take time, but it will flower. When I say the market here I refer to the S&P 500 index and the index is booming. It’s like looking at a rocket launch: few seconds after the start it is …

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Big Bear Chase still open

The area 2060/70 is a strong resistance that will produce some turbulence, but probabilities are still on the side of a rising index, supported by all the barking bears around, by all the uncertainty and by the ¬†weakness of the euro. A short phase of consolidation is not rare at this stage of the rise, …

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