elliott’s soup

Elliott’s Soup for late April

The stock market is very unstable at this moment and, usually, a lack of focus has a single consequence: going down.

The S&P 500 in Elliott’s Soup

It’s a long while I do not update the reading of the S&P 500 index with Elliott’s Wave, so today it’s time to see how the index is positioned for the medium term future. Here the chart, as usual brewed with the old faithful AdvGET standalone software: it’s old, but it’s always on the point. …

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Serendipity at work

r.Virgeel’s model is undergoing deep modifications, sparkled by the development of the new weekly model, that has made evident some before obscure aspects. Where there was a wood, there is now a vast pratery. I’m translating the modifications into the “traditional” daily model and, it’s early to say, it seems getting sharper. The experiments must …

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Update to Elliott’s soup

Today’s reading of the Elliott’s Wave (chart by AdvGet) does confirm the projections of the A.I. model: after completing a first wave, the market is now searching for the (2) support to start the (3) wave. You may note the two supports Ellipse indicator. The area just under 2100 seems to be a strong resistence …

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S&P 500 in Elliott soup

It’s quite a time I do not update the Elliott’s view and¬†here I am today. The moment of big choices is approaching and we can read it in the chart above (by AdvGet): A long raising wave from mid February to mid August has completed. It can be either the final fifth wave of a …

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Big Bear Chase still open

The area 2060/70 is a strong resistance that will produce some turbulence, but probabilities are still on the side of a rising index, supported by all the barking bears around, by all the uncertainty and by the ¬†weakness of the euro. A short phase of consolidation is not rare at this stage of the rise, …

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