Do I use LLMs? Yes, of course: I use them as a search engine enhancement, whenever I need to define the boundaries of a topic I'm working on. But they are not used in any way in the website, in the analysis and creation of text/image output provided to subscribers.

r.Virgeel, a.i.

Every day, every market open day, I have a meeting with r.Virgeel at 22:19 At 22:20, r.Virgeel starts its operations. Data is updated and processed, responses are brewed, and files are generated. If everything runs fine, at around 23 we…

An Elliott’s Possibility

This post analyzes the present, so it will become obsolete quite soon. Anyway, I’m here for the r.Virgeel/Elliott mishmash. At the moment, r.Virgeel is pointing to a correction of the first reversal wave upward, in other words, it is pointing…

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