Can Your Software Do This?

How precise is r.Virgeel's forecast?

This is a quite common performance of r.Virgeel, the spxbot A.I. dedicated to forecasting the S&P 500 stock market index.

This chart is the standard Alpha Chart that is produced every trading day on the latest data available. In particular, this one was brewed just a few minutes ago as a verification chart and you may see how precise yesterday’s forecast was.

The grey bar is the forecasted range for today, and the yellow one is today’s move for now, after three hours of market opening. Stunning, uh?

Well, r.Virgeel’s model is quite complex and unique and spxbot’s customers are not surprised by its performance. There is no magic, just accurate and continuous training of the underlying data.

As you may note, the temporary bottom should be reached tomorrow, but remember that r.Virgeel is adaptive and responsive to the live action of the market.

If your software can do this, you do not need r.Virgeel hints.

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