Revision to AlphaChart

I put the hand on the AlphaChart and to some deeper mechanics of the brain of r.Virgeel. The results are stretching the limits!

I finally put my hands on the AlphaChart.

But first, another revision took place. The results are well visible in the comparison of the two pictures, where 1 is yesterday’s chart and 2 is the updated one.

Exceptionally, once in a while, I show you the real updated AlphaCharts complete.
The AlphaChart is for subscribers, strictly. It is where all the pyrotechnic calculations of r.Virgeel becomes readable and reveals its meaning.

In forecast 1, the brain is at the focus limit, indeed. That flattened sequence shows the difficulty to read the inputs and transforming them into a meaningful output.

Forecast 2 instead shows an evident more focused and dynamic output.

1. as 2023 02 15 22:51(CET)
2. as 2023 02 16 17:03(CET)

Yes, something has happened.

From a brain size point of view, we have now a fully working 57.3Mn (millions of neurons) brain. Never before so large. Huge. I begin to worry that some hardware/software limit may be reached soon. It is almost double its previous release: it has gained focus, at least reading the present conditions – and confirmed by present market action (the yellow bar and ball on the first grey Future Bar).

A couple of hours after the opening, the market covered the forecast, with a certain precision. Usually, the second bar comes into place, as its “gravitational wave” is coming in. Target in area 4080/60.

The SimpleChart is even clearer, where the last green candlestick is today’s present action, over-imposed to the grey box of the forecast.

3. SimpleChart

But remember, r.Virgeel is adaptive and responsive, and this is for today. Tomorrow is another day, isn’t it?

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