New EURUSD in the FastTrack Board

New entry in the FastTrack Board for EURUSD.

Following the suggestion of a kind subscriberSubscriber Get access to reserved pages - To subscribe click here (thank you S.H.!), I’ve prepared a new entry in the FastTrack Board for EURUSD.

The FastTrack indicator is a neural calculation that highlights the levels for the next trading day to consider the market positive, negative or neutral.

In the above sample (the very first EURUSD FT chart), if the market trades between 0.992 and 0.996 it is neutral, if it trades above 0.996 it is positive and if it trades above 0.998 it is very positive; if it trades below 0.992 it is negative and if it trades below 0.985 it is very negative.

The FastTrack Board is free to everyone and can be reached at

The indicator is calculated daily for:
– US 10 Y Bond Yield
– and now EURUSD

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