Latest improvements

Latest months have been plenty of improvements in the structure and behavior of r.Virgeel. It now outputs a standardized 3d matrix of the indicators, that is easy to chart and interpret. A new interpretation and writing module is now active and r.Virgeel is able to write comments on its own. Two new indicators have been introduced: rv.Swing and rv.Rank. The Alpha chart page (premium users only), reflects all these improvements and it’s now easier than ever to read, now that r.Virgeel has started to write.

Latest months evidence is confirming that r.Virgeel is fine-tuned with the S&P 500 index and very responsive to market turns. It anticipates the turning point with simple signals and progressive degradation of the indicators, plus a warning system. A simple interpretation let’s you discern between corrections and major turns, to get maxim profit from the running position. r.Virgeel follows the market either long or short and with the aid of the FastTrack indicator, it can be useful even to intraday traders, at least for figuring out how the market is positioned. By personal experience, given an affordable background description and diving in the intraday arena, with a couple of averages and oscillators, it’s not difficul to follow the waves profitably, even down to the 2 minutes charts.


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