Week 19 checkout

Here you may see an enlargement of the chart that the subscribersSubscriber Get access to reserved pages - To subscribe click here have receive one week ago, last Friday night (CET), with overimposed the real weekly action: r.Virgeel, in its weekly version, has nicely caught this week range and direction, shown in the rightmost bar, confirming the turn signal generated by the daily forecast.

In circumstances like this, the power of artificial intelligence shows at its best, being able to provide an information that no technical analysis  can even imagine.

Has r.Virgeel access to reserved infos? No. The model is built with the numbers publicly available about the world markets and no mind reading ability has been injected in it. 😉

It is just the power of correlation and pattern recognition: if the model is correctly setup, it sees things that we humans… It’s not magic. It’s number crunching.

Have a good Friday!






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