The turning point

Eight days ago, on the 30th of April, r.Virgeel has fired the first “Close Long Positions”. As usual, since it trained this way, we needed a second signal to confirm, that arrived the following day, on the 1st of May. So, in the next one/two bars, depending on your trading style, the spxbot users have closed their long position, opened back in the first days of January, with a good 16/17% of gain in exactly four months.

r.Virgeel has correctly detected the entry and exit points and it is now evaluating a new target for the current wave downward. I may say, it is interesting to note that usually, at the beginning of a move, r.Virgeel has a more precise outlook of the target, that during the development of the wave gets fuzzier and more undefined (I understand that this may seem against the logic, but it is what I have observed during the years, in many occasions).

Does r.Virgeel have mind-reading powers? No, I just think that some patterns do appear in anticipation of relevant events (someone knows in advance and acts in consequence), impossible to be detected by humans, but not impossible for brute force artificial intelligence.


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