D-FT historical data

Solicited by a subscriberSubscriber Get access to reserved pages - To subscribe click here, I’ve built the D-FT (Daily FastTrack) data for the latest 30 market sessions, for all the followed symbols:

  • S&P 500 -SPX
  • Dow Jones Industrial Average -DJIA
  • Nasdaq Composite -NASDAQ
  • DAX Frankfurt -DAX
  • SHC Shanghai -SHC
  • GOLD
  • 10Y US Bond Yield -TNX

I’m happy that someone helps me to check the validity of the output from r.Virgeel: I follow daily the SPX, but time is never enough to check out everything. Please, let me know what is your opinion about the numbers and the quality of the resulting operativity. Comments are open for your results.

Today’s SPX D-FastTrack

Data is provided as CSV files (easily manageable with Excel or with any programming language), packed in a ZIP file. Every file has three lines of general info, followed by the table formed by three values, the two main FT levels and the distance in the past of the bar they refer to. The last line refers to the values calculated yesterday, valid for today.

You can download the file here: spxbot.D-FTHistorical01



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