The new AlphaChart

Since a few weeks, subscribersSubscriber Get access to reserved pages - To subscribe click here have a new tool,  the AlphaChart page.

This page on the website has substituted the daily email and post, it has a larger chart, almost all model’s outputs are represented and it integrates the weekly and the monthly forecasts on the same chart. Most recent bars are enlarged in the bottom right corner, with the projected D-FT levels for the incoming bar. It has all relevant numeric data reported on it. The chart is clean and easy to be read, it has room for improvements and additions, easy to be accessed by your smartphone, tablet or pc.

The AlphaChart is updated every 15 minutes during trading days, to let users have visual feedback in (almost) realtime.

The first chart of the final version of the AlphaChart, dated 8th of February.

By the way, this chart indicates an rv.Target at 2805, exactly where we are almost one month later. Targets are dynamic, new targets have been opened during the past month.

The AlphaChart is still under development: it has reached a first stable step and I will refine and complete it. Also, the chart page is growing with additional analysis and the new real-time updates, that, I have to say, is a bit tricky: it is in alpha testing, at the moment, meaning that it may become a stable feature or die soon for lack of interest. But it may be important, during reversal days, to track the market during the close phase, to get alerts in advance.



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