The current wave viewed by r.Virgeel

How di r.Virgeel acted from the last turning of the current wave?

This is the forecast chart brewed on December 31st, 2018, when the model turned positive at the end of the correction.



Since then, r.Virgeel has been long, with some indecision here and there, always solved in one bar. A long bear traps trail that has been correctly and smootly followed from 2507 to 2792 today (+11.3%) and much higher, probably, in the immediate future. This first positive forecast was supported by the New Year’s Eve monthly update and from the progressive weekly forecasts.

Following the model, we had no doubts that the positive side of the market was – and is – the long one. What r.Virgeel seems to preview for the coming future is a crazy springtime, times for hard skinned unbiased traders, times plenty of opportunities. Then, we will probably take a rest, jumping on a giant roller coaster that will frighten you crazy. Be prepared. Stay tuned.




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