January checkout

During the whole month of January I have strictly watched out the D-FT behavior. All the obstacles have been  easily bypassed by the comparison of the other indicators. r.Virgeel is working well and I’m preparing a new enhanced chart. It will be ready in a few days, if I can solve some stupid (?) problem of auto-execution.

The long term issue of the easy flipping of the daily forecast (linked to the evidence of continuous bifurcations in the data structure) seems now reduced, usually no more than one bar and when the market goes overscale. Using the variety of indicators provided by r.Virgeel, it’s easy to stay on the correct side of the market.  Other than the medium-long term investing, I’m now testing the fast realtime trade. It’s not the first time, but the D-FT has introduced a new fashion in the intraday trading I’m sensible to. The two D-FT levels are very effective in helping to determinate the realtime dynamic as market moves. I’m testing the platform and setting up the program, it’s a game that I’ve pushed out from already.

Most of the indicators have been revised, with minor modifications, and the training has been revised completely for all three time frames (daily, weekly and monthly). In my personal opinion, r.Virgeel is in its optimal shape, for the work I can do and for the quality of the output.

I’m also re-approaching the nebulous  and elusive theme of cyclical analysis reading about Hurst cycles. No big enlightment, yet. Some improvement, maybe. The thing is there, I know, but still no shape.  Let me be clear: I would be very happy to have a totally different non-neural system that confirms r.Virgeel’s market readings,  not that I do not trust r.Virgeel, but a confirmation is better, isn’t it?




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