First Weekly Fast Track

I’m working on the weekly version of the FastTrack indicator and you may see it in action in the following chart.

It has reversed to negative (short positions) at 2919.047 / 2905.918 (crossed twice 6 and 5 weeks ago), and then to positive long positions last week at 2682.437.

This weekly version is brand new and my hope is that it can help catching longer positions than the daily version.

For next week, we have support at 2703.378, that, if broken, will reverse to negative. Second support lies at 2633.294 and, if broken by week close, may mean real danger ahead.

As for the daily version, I will publish the weekly FastTrack for free for some weeks to come, so that we may observe how it behave in real time.

Stay tuned!


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Thank you!





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