The new FastTrack indicator

UPDATE 2018/12/14

Today I’ve closed the free alpha testing of the FastTrack. It is fantastic! All the spxbot readers have seen in real time it’s performance.

Operations were simulated on a CFD platform. I have stopped the last (virtual) operation today in the morning (CET), with the SPX at 2623. Prices subject to a bit of slippage and to personal triggers. This was not an automatic testing, it was, as usual, a real time testing. No account for expenses or taxation. Even if your apply your  more pessimistic view and consider a wider slippage, there is a huge margin for a very consistent profit.

This is the performance during the first month and a half, during development. Stellar! Now, development has completed, and subject to the refine process. SubscribersSubscriber Get access to reserved pages - To subscribe click here have access to daily reversal D-FT levels for the following markets:

  • S&P 500
  • Dow Jones Industrial Average
  • Nasdaq Composite
  • DAX Frankfurt
  • SHC Shanghai
  • GOLD

The FastTrack indicator, an r.Virgeel artificial intelligence tool, is a totally de-parametrized neural indicator composed of price reversal levels that confirm or deny the short term trend in action. The basic assumptions are:

  1. that the market may go any direction any time,
  2. that exceeding the traced levels is a clear sign of continuation or reversal of the trend
  3. the area inbetween the levels is a sort of “neutral” area that does not give any relevant indication.

Let’s see the simpler version in action, to better understand it’s behavior:

Here you see the levels for the latest days, from the top of Oct. 3rd to Oct. 19th., 2018
Levels are generated for the next day/bar. We can easily identify three key days, in the chart:




(Please note, the above images are from the very first development stage)

In the shown days, the coming reversals are clearly oulined by the relative levels: as next day the S&P 500 crosses the levels, then the reversal is stated.

As shown in the last chart, for two consecutive days, the FT supports and resistences the FastTrack is calculated under two different conditions and so we actually have two levels that show the less improbable path of the coming bar.

I have sampled the FT all around the data (it’s a nicely long recording of the S&P 500) and the behavior of the new indicator seems very attracting. The FT indicator is not exempt from some false signals, but following strictly its action should reduce drawdowns to virtually meaningless.

The FT is also applied to weekly time frame. Follow the blog for updates.

How is the FastTrack built? r.Virgeel projects extreme levels into the coming bar. It makes a double projection, under two different (opposite?) conditions. His projections are usually quite precise and so the FT generate a sort of trend following channel. But the market is a wild beast and it is alive and loves to play sudden reversals. Let mr. Market play his game, and he will break the FT, either in the direction of the trend or reversing, because he is always exagerating and pushing over its limits. In some way, the FT is built around the psychopathological behaviour of the market. The FT has been suggested me by r.Virgeel and was unexpected. I nean, I did not designed it, I just refined the code to have a stable output.

Even if it has some occasional (and inevitable) false signal, the other r.Virgeel’s indicators are there to help confirm the trading action.

The FastTrack has been published for free during the first month and a half of development, from late October to mid December 2018, during alpha development and testing, to let us evaluate it’s performance and solidity, and it is now available only¬† to subscribers.

Thank you for following and supporting!

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