Serendipity at work

r.Virgeel’s model is undergoing deep modifications, sparkled by the development of the new weekly model, that has made evident some before obscure aspects. Where there was a wood, there is now a vast pratery. I’m translating the modifications into the “traditional” daily model and, it’s early to say, it seems getting sharper. The experiments must always be reversed, so it is a slow testing, but with exciting results.

Things are getting simpler and faster. It’s a good point. Sharpness seems improving. Another good point. Synchrony between daily and weekly models are at highest levels ever seen. And this is very intersting.

If you have read around the site, you already know that the three models (daily, weekly and monthly) are maintained and calculated separately, without contacts of any sort. Totally indipendents. The fact that they go in synchro is poorly probable, evidently. I take this a good sign that we I’m moving in the right direction.

Great. Nice moment, nice words, but where is the meat? Where are we in this big mess that is the S&P 500?

Well let me reply hiding the r.Virgeel answer to the question behind the beloved Elliott’s Soup, or Elliott’s Wave Theory,  that is pointing at the development of a fifth wave, on the following chart (by AdvGet). The total branch is well formed, the dynamic seems academic. We have just broke the previous (3) high, and we have a long accumulative phase behind. Rising highs and lows. All this preludes a strong move toward the top.  The chart shows two targets, at 3000 and 3300. The first is very near and it will be a mediatic shock when reached. What? The Stock Market Going To The Stars!

To fully develop, the fifth must take in the newbies. They are the fresh meat that fuels the money draining that happens when large bull movements happen. Opimism will spread, soon, around the stock market.

Beware the day the very first title of the tv is “The Stock Markets Booms!”. That will be the day to get out.


Chart by AdvancedGet







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