Managing bifurcations

You probably have noted an evident discrepancy in the public weekly and monthly range chart, published daily on the site home page: this is mainly due to the fact that in the latest couple of weeks the S&P 500 has gone through a large bifurcation, well managed by r.Virgeel in the daily and weekly time frames. Obviously, the monthly time frame is lagging, due to its own nature, and still reflects r.Virgeel forecast before the bifurcation event.

The bifurcation event happens when historical reactions to stated conditions were multiple and not univocal. Dealing with a long historical record, this kind of event are rather frequent and the are usually a nightmare for technicians. It is a typical behaviour of large chaotic systems.

This is a good example of the ability of the model to manage the ever changing nature of the market, as I say it is adaptive and responsive.

r. Virgeel has managed the short term correction, forecasted well in advance, with simplicity and is now back on the correct side of the market.

It’s artificial intelligence, it’s different.





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