In latest weeks, I did some homekeeping to the website, reorganizing the contents of the blog, improving graphics and revising all pages. A brand new intoductory page is online, that explains the genesis and the characteristics of r.Virgeel.

I noted, re-reading many of the texts, that I often linger to show where r.Virgeel has problems or how it happens that it behave falsely and so on. It’s my attitude, I have to map everything and everything must be all right to pass to the next step. Now, if you ask me my real honest candid plain opinion about r.Virgeel, well, I just can say it is fantastic! It makes the technical analysis look pre-deluge. It does not analyze one single line of data, it correlates dozenz and dozens. Yes, you have to trust it, and this will require a bit of time.

In latest weeks, while the index was going through a complex correction, r.Virgeel has kept us on the correct side with a nice timing – and I mean that it makes us aware of the events coming, days or even weeks in advance. It has passed through some bifurcations, usually with just one bar of uncertainty. It is performing very well and its experience (the database) is larger and cleaner everyday.

I say it is fantastic, not only because I wrote each line of its code, but for three main reasons: r.Virgeel makes a work that no human can imagine to accomplish: correlate dozens and dozens of historical prices and recognize patterns. Then, r.Virgeel does it work so well now that you can relax and enjoy your new spare time. Well, yes, if you are a medium to long term investor. And if you are a short term swing trader, you can profit from the forecasts as well, to build up your strategies. I personally tested succesfully the use of r.Virgeel predictions for intraday trading on CFD. Finally, r.Virgeel “sees” the SPX – and it can see it in advance – as no other robo or analyst does, and  it’s actively developed. It’s a growing artificial intelligence.

Of course, as I often repeat, it’s different, you must be open to a deep change in your trader’s mind: less stress, less compulsive orders, just wait for all the stars to position correctly and act in the correct direction.





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