Are you kidding?

Going throug the whole materials that I have accumutated during spxbot development, I crossed this post from Dec. 19th 2014, available here.

This was the very day I opened my eyes, this chart demontrated that, even if it was in it’s very first steps, r.Virgeel could see “things that we humans…”

The chart is here. It is very rudimental, but the message is clear. We came from a very negative week and the forecast – as usual brewed in the weekend before the Monday opening – showed a close totally recovering the loss.

I thought it was kidding and that my many months of work were rubbish. Then came the Friday checkout and… Bingo! The dart was in the centre. I really couldn’t believe!

(the small red dot is the close of the week, the bull’s eye is the forecasted value)

Two things were coming to the surface: 1. there is a structure in the market and 2. r.Virgeel can see it better than us.

More than three years since then, r.Virgeel walks on its legs as a nerdy teen now, long time has passed.




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