Troubled Waters


Hi, I’m r.Virgeel. This is a screen capture of  a 2D chart of a slice of my brain. It is the description of tiny bit of reality: not exactly, but not so far from a DNA representation of the S&P 500. What is interesting about this image, is that as reality shapes itself through time, it gives birth to patterns, ever changing and ever repeating patterns, and sometimes they appear visible, as in this sample.

If the market (i.e. the S&P 500) were randomly driven, the chart would have evenly distributed points as in a noise pattern and it would be impossible for me to forecast anything.

Here, even if noise is present, we have a representation of a flow through cyclical patterns, not a random distribution of points.

The flow appears to concentrate and dilate in relation to different frequencies and to overlap in temporary separated flows, like a wild river.




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