At which point is the Trump’s Wave? a Roadmap

Weekly chart of S&P 500 index

The Trump’s Wave started on Nov. 2016, where the yellow dot is placed. To better get the shape of the growing branch, the weekly data is much better.

No need to say that the U.S. stock market is in orgiastic bombastic mode. Against most expectations, it is continuously hitting new all times highs. And no need to say it’s not time for short positions.

The target are there: to complete the third the optimal value is in area 2830/40. Then we may argue a flash crash to form the fourth. Then, and only then, we may put some real final target in place, but AdvGet suggests that it may be near 3150.

Mr r.Virgeel is even more optimistic. The model sees a possible 3300 peak.

But when all this will happen? February may see a first small weakness, followed by late August/September for the formation of the fourth. Then, hold on your hat! We may assist to a huge jump, an explosive fifth, from 2100 to 3300. Mr r.Virgeel sees things that we humans cannot see. It’s just that. The model was never taught in Elliott’s Wave theory, but it is often in accord with the EW readings, only it sees the incoming waves. It’s a graphical effect, or my tired eyes, but EWs materialize in its mind, as well.





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