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A reader asked:
I was looking at the details of the Spxbot but I wasn’t sure if it would give me the info I’m looking for.
I day trade the SPX and I am looking for a forecast that provide intraday data for the current day. Does your program give that data? I read where your program is 24 bars ahead. What is the time frame for each bar and do the ‘next’ 24 bars change as new data comes in creating a fluid forecast. 
Lastly, if I wanted to use your information for weekly trading, how do I use the data for the longer range timeframe?

Sorry, no intraday forecast from the spxbot model: it is set up to provide daily, weekly and monthly time frames analysis. Intraday data is totally another story, with an enormous quantity of noise, many time frames and the difficulty to collect good quality data for a very long period, otherwise the forecast is not really worth.
But… I just tell you this: last April I opened a CFD account with 1000 euros to have  the possibility to experiment and play with short term (I’m usually a mid to long term investor). After losing about 15% with some experiments, I decided to use the two hours time frame for carry the positions and the 15 minutes time frame to get signals for open/close positions. The positions are taken on the SPX with the model daily forecast in mind, so never going against the forecasted trend and profiting from extremes: now the account has 2218 euro, with a quite conservative global capital managment (no more than 10% of margin used). I usually do not speak of the returns of the trading activity and I even dismissed the position recording from the website, because I see that such good profits may appear suspicious and to just hook new customers.
So, the only time frames that are forecasted are daily, weekly and monthly bars, and yes, the forecast does change as data flows in, because the model is designed to be responsive and adaptive.
Weekly forecast are my preferred: low noise and a large mix of data available. The different time frames work together, even if sometimes daily and weekly goes on different direction, you may get reciprocal confirmation and both provide entry/exit signals.
In effect, also the monthly produces entry/exit signals, but I use it as a projected path for the long term, not for real trades. Anyway, I’m sure that other subscribersSubscriber Get access to reserved pages - To subscribe click here may use the forecasts in different ways, as additional intruments for their trading activity.
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