Never seen before

In the rising market, you are continuously convinced that a crash is imminent and this is the fuel that makes the market grow, having a lot of people on the wrong side. We are watching it in the latest months, whenever the downturn seems inevitable, the market turns up blindly, no way.

If I should rely on my own analysis, I would be a net looser. Luckily, the model seems working nicely, even if with some indecisions. In latest days it has flipped from long position to alerts of an imminent turn, but it has never lost the positive attitude, it was just moving on the edge, and you have to consider that the market is in a never seen before territory.

This confirms the ability of the Artificial Intelligence models to manage never seen before events, sometimes better and sometimes with a bit of indecision, but always keeping the correct orientation and pointing towards profit, in our case. Not bad, not bad at all.

Where is the target of the move, now? It’s early to say, probably. Short term, we may consider the area 2330/2360 the place where something might happen, and it can even extend to 2400. The A.I. model is adaptive, so it is not bound to any preconception: everyday it analyzes the numbers and gives its view and I am not able to preview its behavior. I just act after its advice.

Long term investors may sleep quietly, the time for the big turn is yet to come.




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