Does this stock market scares you?

I read an article today that highlights the fact that a lot of investors are scared by this current stock market. The stock market is moving opposite to almost any prevision made by mainstream media, it should have crashed after Trump election or Brexit, and instead it is rising madly and without rest. All this rises confusion and uncertainty in private investors, which have no support for their investment strategies, except some old and outdated models.

The new frontier of investment behavior is Artificial Intelligence: abstract and unbiased models that can analyze the market without emotional involvement, that can weight huge past historical experiences and that can do correlations no human can even imagine. This is no sci-fi, this is NOW! Forget news, suggestions, best performers or “insider’s tips” of any kind, that just makes you waste money.

Having an A.I. consultant gets you free and makes it easy to recognize how market is moving and where it is going. Here at I analyze only the S&P 500 index, just that, and correlating dozens of financial instruments I can offer an unique and totally unbiased reading of the market and related expectations. And it’s cheap, too! The stock market is running wild and going far, don’t miss this opportunity.




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