No divinations

I’m always here to show something obscure coming in from the future, but today I’d like to to just fix a point in the present.

16-10-28_15-49-44_sp500No divinations. The chart is speaking. This is a CFD continuous chart daily bars of S&P 500 index. We know the market is discounting a crucial event in less the a couple of weeks. The coming of the event has repriced the index, and we are NOW, Friday morning 28th of October, at the equilibrium point. We know one sure thing, that this is the price of the pre-us election expectations of the markets. To make it simple, CFD at 2130 and SPX at 2136. We are having rising noise around this value. One week more.

PS. Either wins HRC or wins DT – In first case, the big business will continue as usual . In second case, the promised fiscal and autarchic reforms may induce a boost in US richness. So, from investors point of view, is this a win-win ?


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