Don’t get fooled by poets

Yesterday I read this and I have to say I couldn’t dissent more.

No way a biological structure can be compared to a software tool, even if this software is someway inspired by what we know of the brain structure. And we are not DNN (Deep Neural Networks), as the author Nitin Pande suggests. Luckily, we are a bit more complex and unknown.

I dissent from these “poetic” views of the instrument, because it induce false expectations in ignorants and a false approach in the comprehension of reality. Neural networks are stupid instruments that can accomplish very complex tasks easily, but this does not make them less stupid and above all they can do what they can do just because someone correctly programmed them. Nothing similar to the positronic brain (see Asimov robots) or a self learning device. Don’t get fooled by this poetic vision, neural networks are completely different. And we, or other biological entities or reality, are NOT comparable to DNNs. We just try to model working NNs taking inspiration from our interpretation of reality.

I do not think it’s worth make philosophy starting from false assumptions.


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