Cassandra was hated by her fellow citizens

tumblr_m3diq5iivd1qccw1w“Actually, I’m surprised that there aren’t more sites like SPXBOT out there”, he writes to me.

No doubt, it is one of the best compliments I’ve received so far. Yes, it was not easy to build the system: programming, trading experience, and a lot of time were the the main ingredients.

Consider that what I do, what my software does, is generally considered impossible. The random walk theory, the experience of traders, and even similar artificial intelligence experiments on financial markets all say that the market is unpredictable – and they are not wrong!

But there is a (hidden) structure in the market; this is what my work demonstrates. There is a structure inside those floating numbers that can be uncovered, step by step, and this can provide valuable support for any trading or investiment decision.

The life of Cassandra – the oracle of temple of Apollo in Troy – was never easy and she forecasted various woes and the final destruction of the city. She was hated by many and disliked by the majority: most people does not want to have their free will put aside and I can easily understand that… now.


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