Responsive and adaptive


Forecast charts from May 05, 2016

The forecast charts are the output of the Amodel. All the work, all the code, all the information that is produced here it is put in there, in the chart. The model is designed to be adaptive and responsive, so that it adapts to (chaotic) ever changing markets.

Under specific circumstances, let’s say today, it outputs a response pattern that delineates how the market will behave in the future. When the the model is in its optimal “viewing” conditions, the pattern flows, for some time and the wave of the future flows though the present in synchronicity, then sometimes completes and sometimes, after some bars, changes and start develop a different pattern (that may be a totally different view of the market or just an expansion or contraction of something similar to the previous forecasted pattern).

The code that parse the model is in real time: every time it fires, it is totally unaware of what it did yesterday or the day before and on. It looks at the situation right now and produces the opportune output.

Under normal working conditions, the Amodel, as the final part of the wave is performing, stabilizes the output and you have some more bars to get confirmations of the imminent top or bottom.


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