Only S&P 500 here

Why do I make forecasts only for S&P 500?  As I have extensively explained, in the database I have hundreds of price line that represent the global markets environment, so what does inhibit to apply the methodology to each of them and be able to forecast almost everything?

Well, I did (and do) try to forecast other markets, but with poor results, at the moment. I suppose it is mainly due to the fact that my archive of financial  instruments is mainly U.S.-centric and US markets are much more well documented in real time  than any other market. Good data makes are fundamental to previsions: if data lags or is discontinued or has interruption in the series, well it is unfit to be used.

A good part of my effort is related to data maintenance:  clean and continuous data is absolutely mandatory for approaching a good prevision analysis. Clean, continuous and timely.

Today I discovered a new competitor in the forecasting arena: they do see an high in place for the S&P 500 and a coming move to 1970 (from a Yahoo! Finance article). And it forecasts many stock, forex and commodity markets.

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