Know in advance

What does “know in advance” means, here at spxbot? I want to make you an example, so that you can evaluate – I know it’s difficult to believe that something impossible (as forecasting the market) can be done

SPX-da-am-20160715-225854-2C91B11D-D29E-4949-9FFC-3F45D18E2946-3500-24On 15th of July I published the usual daily forecast and what it was saying was: two weeks ahead of real choppiness before a downward move to come. The choppiness was there in the numbers, a lot of repeating days almost horizontal with a very light upward bias and a strong resistence between 2170-80

Now, more that two weeks later, we can check it out and see how good the prevision was: everything happened as forecasted and the past two weeks have offered a lot of occasions to close long positions when price was over 2170.

This is what I mean with “know in advance”. The model has a powerful ability to watch into market evolution and also the unique ability to eliminate stress connected to trading activity, as stress is due mainly to unknown future.

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