lm_3-4Bifurcation is a market behavior that you get aware of when deeply analyzing it. I means that almost identical condition may produce opposite  exit direction. Today is one of those days. You may say it’s easy to preview, as Yellen speaks and her market manipulation is absolute. Yes, but the model doesn’t know of  Yellen’s discourse or any other mundane events. It’s just aware of prices of markets around the world and it was predicting a very special and volatile day for today since many days and that we may exit volatility in either directions, just due to very small bias differences.

What does this tell us about the market? It explains that the market (the time-price structure) has a hidden complex ever changing structure that some instruments (such as Artificial Intelligence) may uncover, maybe not completely. but with enough comprehension to result proficient. These instruments are the frontier of market analysis these days, and if do not approach them you will remain in the herd, that is routinely sheared.


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