The Realm of Imprecision

27072016 112027

Shown in the chart: 1 daily bar forecast comparison with actual close. I get confirm that there is a widespread one day lagging in computations. Need to work on it.

Except bars projection, all other indicators read the realtime status, now. They do not project future values, they just get a reading of the edge.

But bars projection goes further, goes into the future and project latest price into next bars. Something impossible happens: you see the wave coming in. You see it, in advance.

As future bars are calculated by the neural networks, it is impossible to know what really happens. It does not depend on the sequence of experiences you submit to the network, it does not take in account the rumor, the huge amount of rumor that lies inside the market. It works as Pattern Recognition. The model is set up to see and it recognizes.


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