Faster, Faster

SPX-mo-am-20160725-142753-FA0D191C-3EF9-4406-83E8-C1B47A0C57E2-3500-24This is a cut out of the monthly chart produced by the Amodel. It is one of the most precious tools of the group and in this peculiar case it shows a common behavior of the forecast process (as well as the expected growth of the current and the next months): reality goes always a bit faster than expected and the wave coming in from the future tends to anticipate. Here the white crossed dot on magenta background is the spot price of SPX some moments ago. This is due to all the small (or big) delays that are implicit into the device, probably. And, I begin to observe, this is partly due to the ever accelerating environment we live in. Even if you just limit it to the trading/investing activity, you may easily observe an ever accelerating environment that host that ecosystem. During best periods, the forecasted bars levels just work as visual multilevel stops. The same acts in reverse, during downward waves.

The Amodel forecasts the index in mid 2018 as its’ longer horizon. Two years ahead.  And weeks and days. Well, you know, a glimpse into the futures helps! Big waves are coming!


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