Enhancement to indicators

All indicators have been enhanced to a new adaptive behaviour, so that the indicators, when calculated, are never aware of any bars of the current move.

This was already partly true, but now this has been stated peremptorily.

The charts are much more interesting now, because Targets and Stops, for example, tend to form clouds of values that are self confirming.

The A model outputs at the moment five AI indicators:

  • Top / Bottom recognizer is a market excess locator, marks turning points
  • Position works on a deep learning base, provides the basic set of signals to enter and exit positions
  • Target estimates the goal of the acting wave
  • Stop puts a protective value : if a bars closes behind the Stop, well, something is going wrong and better get out soon.
  • 24 Bars ahead gives you a visual feedback

When indicators confirms each other a turn is promptly recognized.
The system always considers the execution of the orders at the opening of the next bar. This makes it perfect for part-time distributed investors.

I never thought, when working on the first experiments about S&P 500 forecasting, to create a trading system. It generated itself, maybe six months ago, once I completed the Stop and Target indicators: all the number crunching and training were ready and data could be extracted easily.

The Position trading system can be used as a swing/ position/ investing/ trading tool relative to how you set your entry/exit strategy and your preferred time frame.

Position trading system works on daily, weekly and monthly time frame, to provide a complete framework  of evalutions.


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