The Amodel features

As this is an experimental service, that since the launch has been improved, I recently focused that the missing Stop indicator has to be developed seriously. While developing the Stop indicator, I modified the training model quite a bit, and as a result I found a Trading System already embedded in the model. More development. The Big Mess starts. I’ve learned that when The Big Mess starts, it is a problem in my undersized hardware. Days of testing, no exit.
Divide et Impera said Julius Caesar. Break the code in more and more units and then I have the control back. A real time testing is under way. The complete features of the Amodel are:
  • Bars ahead  – the price is forecasted for the next 24 bars ahead
  • Signal – a top and bottom detector
  • Target – a measure of the available distance to the next turn
  • Stop – a value that confirm the trend
  • Position – a swing top/bottoms detection system

Of the five, only Bars looks into the future. The other four are readings of the present.

We have to test it in the near future and verify.

Note 2022-09-09 Six years later, yes, these five indicators are the pulsing core of r.Virgeel. Some more indicators have been developed (many now disappeared), so we also have LongTerm Trend, ExpectedTurn and NextCycle.

For a better evaluation of the indicators, please read the “indicators” section of the blog.

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