Traditional analysis is out of touch

lm_3-4 [I]’ve found and corrected a couple of minor bugs in the Signal and in the target models (minor logical errors that under some circumstances did crash the whole code!) and this has made me think that the Signal model acts similarly to the bifurcation model under fractal theory.

The market is a chaotic self-adapting structure, it is asymmetric, but regular and continuously passes through levels of bifurcation: the side image is quite near to what I’m suggesting.

I’m not a mathematician, so I cannot explain the theory behind, but I can recognize that a similar structure lies inside the market, as the result of the interactions of all subjects (traders, investors, scalpers, big and small money managers, etc).

In some way, I think that this complexity is what nowadays has made the market so “technical”, or difficult to read and play. And why traditional analysis (fundamental or technical) is getting out of touch.


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